Finance is the art and science of managing financial resources, which includes money and wealth. It is concerned with the processes, institutions, markets and instruments involved in the transfer of money amongst individuals, businesses and governments. The financial world today is highly complex compared to the previous decades. Hence, the financial preparedness of the population is essential to the overall well-being and it is of vital importance to the economic future of any country. In light of the crises that have arisen in the recent decade, it is critically important that individuals become financially literate at an early age so that everyone is better prepared to navigate and make decisions in this increasingly complex financial marketplace. Financial literacy and education make the financial marketplace more effective and efficient where tough yet smart financial decisions are made.

Industrial Finance for Executives

Industrial Finance for Executives provides executives with a comprehensive introduction to accounting and financial analysis. You will gain an understanding of the financial consequences of strategic decisions.

How you benefit

  • Broader skill set. Gain better understanding of the key financial elements of Value-Based Management.
  • Valuable communication skills. Improve your effectiveness in communicating with accounting and finance colleagues.
  • Customised application of insights. Review financial statements from your own company or business unit – with the help of our expert faculty.
  • New tools and methods. Acquire powerful techniques to aid analysis and decision-making.

Risk Management in Banking

Risk Management in Banking gives you a discussion of risk governance and long term value creation. The inclusive, non-technical approach allows you to focus on the strategic management of risks.

How you benefit

  • Build context. Expand your understanding of the broader context behind analytical models and approaches to risk in banking.
  • Understand the new regulatory landscape. Draw lessons from the new regulatory landscape as it relates to capital and liquidity regulations, advanced fund transfer pricing, special resolution regimes with bail-in debt and fears of rising liquidity risk.
  • Manage risks related to digital disruption and transformation.
  • Gain insights from psychology. Draw on recent results from psychology research into behavioural risk assessment.
  • Discuss risk governance in banking. Exchange views and share experiences with other senior executives and directors from the banking sector.

Advanced International Corporate Finance

Advanced International Corporate Finance helps develop a strategic understanding of key financial decisions faced by organisations today and puts them into an international context.

How you benefit

  • Risk management. Be better prepared to deal with international challenges in corporate finance, in particular political, governance and currency risks
  • Refreshed skill set. Make better investment, financing and pay-out decisions in an international context
  • Analytical examination of return and risk. Accurately measure the impact of your strategic decisions on shareholder value as well as on risk
  • Deeper understanding. Strengthen your knowledge of global financial markets
  • Strategic planning. Increase your tactical finance capabilities and improve your valuation skills
  • Master M&A. Improve your tactical skills in M&A, in particular anticipating takeover defences when you are a bidder