Master of Business Administration (ODL) -MQA

This program is designed for those who seek to advance their career in business and management. For those who have already embarked on their careers, this program offers the opportunity to reflect on their managerial experiences and extend their knowledge in new areas. This program supports the development of soft skills, leadership and collaboration work towards academic and managerial environment through seminars, research, paper presentation, and academic works.

Master of Business Administration develop ethics, professionalism, leadership and other essential soft skills required by the employers, ensure students are up-to-date with current issues and technologies in business administration, and cultivate life-long learning and continuous study culture.

Employment opportunities are available as per the following :

  • Project Management (e.g. project planning, risk management, project procurement and more)
  • Human Resource (e.g. recruitment, training & development, compensation specialist and more)
  • Business Planning and Management (e.g. site location, product marketing, supply networks, insurance calculation, stake analysis. Etc)

Award by: Geomatika University College